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tery:features [TeryWiki]


  • 2D sprite graphics, scrolling, animation of sprites.
  • flexibility. Its only a 2D engine, but it can handle various 2D views. Top-down view, Isometric 2D view or side-scroller view which can be used for platformer game or side-scroller shooter game. It just depends on graphics you use and small changes to the engine.
  • in-game level editor. It runs on the same engine and you can change from editor to game with one keypress. Its a WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get ) editor, so if you add a new object or background to the level you can play it right away.
  • in-game scripting available in level editor. You can create medium simple scripts to control game flow, trigger actions or do a short 'movie'. If you need something more complex you have to do some c++ programming. Or you can add your own event which can be used in scripts.
  • sounds, music replay. Game can replay sounds and music, controllable from scripts.
  • graphical features like parallax layers and sprite particle systems.
  • various aspects of game can be created through xml files, for instance creating new creature and decoration types, setting basic engine properties.
  • multi-platform code, so its portable to other platforms. Code was so far tested on PC on Windows, Ubuntu Linux and on Mac. It also uses multi-platform libraries.
  • graphical resolution of game can be changed for game requirements, game can be windowed or fullscreen.
  • controllable by keyboard and by mouse.
  • extendibility. We have source codes so we can extend any feature. Last I was thinking about adding level mini-map to the game.

  • Existing mini-games:
    • Side-shooter mod, created one working level - Interceptor, see video and screenshots and documentation. Features - camera following defined path, wall HUD,
    • Sheep mini-game mod, three levels, fast one week mod for a small compo - see video and screenshots.
    • Jump-and-run platformer with a blue bird in main role in progress.
  • Walking creatures have a path-finding algorithm available to find a way through a maze, or if you click a mouse in level, creature gets there.
  • Editor: Tile brush that can draw wall or platform with correct edges and corners if you define the visual brush pattern for it. See FIXME
  • Tery is just a old-school 2D engine, so it has few downsides too. It does not support any fancy things like zooming and rotating, 3d models, video replay, semi-transparent coloured layers (though it supports transparent sprites). It does use only 8bit color mode, that means 256-color static palette.
  • Planned: editor objects will be grouped into object templates, forming object library.
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