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tery:programming_environment [TeryWiki]

Programming environment

Libraries used at this time are:

  • LibSDL for graphic windowed output, for keyboard & mouse input.
  • FMod for sound replaying
  • irrXML for reading of init files

Possible working developement environments:

  • Visual Studio 6 / 2003 on Windows XP
  • KDevelop 3.3.2 / 3.4 / 3.5.1 on Ubuntu linux
  • I heard that CodeWarrior on Mac works too

Download whole project directory from the SVN. To access files on SVN you can use TortoiseSVN for Windows or KdeSVN on Linux. Afterwards see the install.txt file inside the project directory for additional instructions:

When on linux:

- you have to install additional package 'libsdl{any}-dev'
- you don't need to download //fmod// and //irrXML//, as they are compiled and stored on SVN in //lib// directory. 
- you have to add link to the fmod library which is inside lib directory into the system. Execute this command in the tery project directory to create the link:

sudo ln -s $PWD/lib/fmod/linux/lib/ /usr/lib/

When using KDevelop on linux:

- be sure to install all required programs for KDevelop. They are listed on kdevelop webpage ( ). Even if they seem to be irrelevant, without them it seems that building of the project is unsuccessfull. Well, from my experience, you need at least 'g++' (GNU C++ compiler), 'libtool', 'automake', 'autoconf' packages.

When developing on windows:

 - you don't need to download anything besides the files on SVN, all libraries are in the lib directory already.

When using MSVC6 on windows:

- when you open the project, you have to set the current working directory to '../' so game gets executed in the main tery directory. This is needed because game needs a 'data' subdirectory with all the game data.
- copy \lib\sdl\win32\SDL.dll and \lib\fmod\win32\redist\fmodex.dll to the tery project directory. Program will need them to execute.
- WARNING! : non selective warning disable is currently used ( no #pragma warning( disable:xxxx ), so all waring are disabled now!

- 2007/04/11 11:37 -

Code::Blocks was not suiting my needs. I was not able to debug SDL app inthere no matter how I tried. It had also some other bugs I did not like. So now I have switched to KDEvelop for C++. It works better.

- 2007/02/26 11:14 -

We have three active developers currently, two of us are developing under Visual Studio on Windows, and one is developing in Code::Blocks (not anymore, using KDevelop) on Ubuntu linux

- 2007/01/23 23:02 -

Only active developer at this time is me, mirex. I'm using Visual C++ 6.0 for Windows.

Code was also compiled into working executable on Mac by developer called Paket.

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