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tery:releases [TeryWiki]


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img227.imageshack.us_img227_6001_a5cf1.jpg In 2008 we decided with Siiilon and Psycho that we'll try to create a game where player controls spaceship in 2D, something like R-type, Tyrian, Xenon. In 2009 it got to dead point, we had some visualisations, ideas, first test level … but we did not get any further, there isn't even first demo. Project was alive from september 2008 to january 2009. Everything about the project is here on wiki, there is alot of text (mostly by Psycho and Siiilon) and many nice pictures (by Siiilon).

Programming: mirex; Ideas - siiilon, psycho, mirex; Graphics - siiilon, Test level graphic - temporary graphics by mirex


Gameplay video:

Testing level : <download to add> FIXME

Do kosiara

Tery engine used to create a game called “Do Kosiara” for a small competition. In the game you have to control sheep and get them to the barn. See tutorial video in screenshots section.

  • game has 3 levels
  • you can switch to fullscreen by pressing F3
  • if you want to end the game you have to do it by closing window by pressing 'x' button
  • because of lack of time there are missing wolves, clouds that change sheep color, music and sounds

dokosiara.rar 800kb - released on 2009-11-17.


Tery release from 2008-06-10 - RAR packed 2.0Mb. Starts with level Run1. Contains also levels roof1,2,3.

Tery from 06-march-23 - Win32 release ( without dll's )

Tery from 05-may-28 - Win32 release

Known problems

( copied from here )

  • Using WindowBlinds in WinXP will cause the program to come up in a tiny window. Either fix this by minimizing and restoring the window or by setting Tery to run in Windows 2000 compatibility mode.
  • SDL Sound can be tricky under Linux and can slow down the emulation tremendously. See the SDL website (FAQs) for how to set environment variables that might help.
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