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tery:tery [TeryWiki]

Tery - basic project description

Generally Tery is a game engine which should be used to create a game. It should be able to handle any 2D game as some action/platformer , top-view RPG, side-scrolling rocket-shooting, or logical game or mix of them all.

I'm trying to create an old-school style RPG, with some small action minigames and long and deep storyline ;) I'm working on it for few year so far and my plan is to finish it by any means necessary. :) I was inspired by games like Final Fantasy 7, Knights of Xentar, Lost Vikings, Abuse and others. So far the engine is basically working, needs a lot of code to be added though, so it needs to be finished, the storyline has to be put together, and graphics and sfx has to be added (it should be matching the story mood).

Also, as a side project (or temporary main project? who knows), I'd like to create a small action shooting game, which could be played by multiple players in a network. It would run in same engine as the RPG (engine is flexible enough to do so).

My plan for game is to be freeware so far, if the game will be good we can start selling it for a low prices.


Game should be portable, so it is using SDL for graphics and input, and FMOD for sound support. Currently it is developed under Ubuntu linux in KDevelop and under Win32 in MSVC++. It was also compiled and running successfuly on Mac on both LE and BE hardwares. Graphics are purely 2D so far (so no OpenGl) but it can be decided later on (for effects and such). I am also making some tools if they are needed.

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